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Stingray Kinder Room

Starting kindergarten is an important milestone in the lives of both you and your child. To be eligible to enrol in our funded kindergarten program, your child must be at least four years old by 30 April of the year they are starting kindergarten.

Kinder Sessions are delivered daily in the Stingray Room by fully qualified Kindergarten Teachers and Assistants. Only children eligible for kindergarten will be enrolled in this room.  Children attending other funded kindergartens and children deferring kindergarten will be enrolled in our Starfish Room.

A Kindergarten Teacher will be in attendance from 8:30am-5:30pm. Children must be in attendance from 9:00am-4:00pm as this is the formal session time.

Extended Care is available before and after these session times at no additional cost.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.

Benefits of Kindergarten for your child

At kindergarten your child will grow socially and emotionally. Their ability to think, use and recognise language and their fine motor skills will be developed through play, art, dance, music, movement and interacting with others. Most importantly, your child will be learning to become an effective learner as they develop and extend their communication skills, build their self-confidence, learn to be creative, and develop skills that assist them with reading, writing and mathematics.

Kindergarten programs are designed to improve your child’s development in the following key areas:

Kindergarten also provides families with access to:

Victoria has moved towards providing all children with access to a quality early childhood education program for a minimum of 15 hours a week in the year before they start school.

There is significant benefit for children in attending a quality early childhood education program. Increasing kindergarten hours and access to programs further increases that benefit. Children enrolled in the Stingray Kinder Room will be entitled to a program offering 18 hours over 2 days or 27 hours over 3 days. Additional days of child care will be provided in the Starfish Room.

To express your interest in a place for your child, please complete an Application Form and return to the office.

Kinder Parent Information Nights are held in October.  The Kindergarten teachers will hold intake interviews usually in January before kinder commences for the year.

If your child is deferring kinder until the following year, he/she is NOT eligible for enrolment into the Stingray Kinder Room as this room is strictly for children commencing school in the year following kindergarten.