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Additional Programs

In addition to delivering quality early childhood education and care for all children, Edrington Park Child Care Centre also offer many additional programs and services to our families and their children.


Pre-School Medical Doctor

Dr. Rob Chan visits the Centre each Tuesday and is available for consultations and immunisations for both children and staff. This is a bulk-billed service. Details of a child’s condition may be written on the form on the office bench or sealed in an envelope, if you wish these details to remain confidential. A note will be left with the office after your child's consultation together with any necessary prescription. All consultations are carried out in the presence of a staff member.



Holiday Program

Kindergarten at Edrington Park Child Care Centre follows the Victorian school terms, therefore, over school holidays kinder does not operate.  Many children choose to take holidays over this time so as not to interfere with their kinder term.  For our remaining children and our Starfish room children we run a holiday program packed with exciting activities, themed days, incursions and excursions.  All children of kinder age are invited to participate as well as their older school age siblings.  Bookings must be made through the office.

Click here for your copy of our Holiday Program


Early Language Learning Australia (ELLA)

ELLA is a digital, play-based language learning program for preschool children. This Australian Government initiative inspires children by driving a genuine interest in a new language and culture.
Children enrolled in our 4 year old kindergarten currently learn Italian.

Community Library Program

To provide opportunities for the EPCCC community to actively participate in a literacy program that enhances each child's learning and development.

The EPCCC Community Library was officially opened by author, Hazel Edwards.



Bush Kinder Program

Planet ARK research shows only 35 percent of Australian children play outside every day, and one in 10 only plays outside once a week.  This is in stark contrast to their parents' generation, with double that many saying they played outside every day as children.

We provide a bush kinder program to our kinder children to extend on their outdoor play environment, creativity, social and problem solving, confidence and cognitive development.

This program  is held on alternate days each week to ensure every child is able to participate.